Who We Work With


One of our main goals is to support governments’ efforts in developing an enabling environment for trade to happen quickly in Africa. We are committed to ensure that governments make good trade policies, implement WTO commitments as well as free trade and bilateral trade agreements. We support governments to create export competitiveness, attract investments, and facilitate trade in Africa.

Private Sector and Businesses

Supporting businesses to understand the impact of trade agreements is a priority to us. We help businesses to understand both foreign and African markets, facilitate business linkages between companies and assist in their internationalisation efforts. Our business advisory services will help African businesses to have market access to foreign territories and help them to eliminate any technical barriers to trade.

International Organisations and Regional Bodies

We believe in the tenets of the multilateral trading system, and hence advocate open or free markets. Our work helps to break down complex international and regional trade agreements into simple terms for the average people to understand the impact on them. We participate in international conferences and policy forums in order to contribute to knowledge sharing on trade and development.

Civil Society Organisations

We are committed to working with civil society organisations to build their capacity to understand international trade laws and agreements in order for them to play a major role in trade-related policy advocacy.