What we do

Policy Research

The policy research focuses on international trade organisations such as WTO, ITC, UNCTAD, UNECA, among others. The policy research also investigates government and regional trade-related policies and make recommendations. For stakeholders who need to better investigate specific aspects of international economic law and policy, we can conduct advanced research on a wide variety of trade-related topics and contribute to its dissemination through participation in seminars, conferences, dialogues and other consultation meetings.


We design policy advocacy programmes to raise awareness and influence multilateral trade agreements, latest happenings in the international trade organisations such as WTO, UNCTAD, ITC, among others. We also advocate on domestic and regional trade policy issues, including intra-Africa trade and regional integration. The Centre partners governments, donors, international organisations and private sector to convene workshops and conferences to advance knowledge sharing and dialogues in trade policy and development.

Capacity Building

Literature on trade policy and development have pointed out clearly Africa’s lack of capacity to participate and benefit fully from the multilateral trading system. This capacity constraint is in areas such as understanding the implications of WTO Agreements and Rulings from the Dispute Settlement Body, negotiations and implications of free trade agreements, bilateral and preferential trade agreements, as well as the trade policy making processes. The Centre exists to fill these capacity gaps by designing tailor-made training courses on WTO Law, Political Economy of Trade Policy Formulation, Free Trade Agreements, Regional integration, Trade Policy Analysis, Trade and Development, among others. These training courses are specifically designed for the private sector, governments, civil society and individuals who are interested in international trade and sustainable development.

Advisory Services

We are committed to helping private sector and governments to understand the economic, legal and political aspects and implications of multilateral, free trade agreements, preferential and bilateral trade agreements on the domestic market. ACINTaD is designed to assist governments on trade-related capacity-building, national trade policy development and trade negotiations, with a view to strengthening their participation in the world trade system.

Our advisory services include technical assistance and business linkage which seek to provide trade facilitation and business support services for both domestic and foreign companies, governments and other international organisations.

Trade Policy Analysis

What we do is conducting high quality analysis of domestic, regional and multilateral trade related policies for decision making both in the government and the private sector. We help businesses and governments understand multilateral, free trade agreements, preferential and bilateral trade agreements through evaluations of the economic, legal, political and social implications of these complex trade policies. We can also offer legal analysis of GATS and services-related trade agreements as well as advice on trade and development, global governance, intra-Africa trade, regional integration and other trade-related issues.